Rachel Levy Lesser

Rachel Levy Lesser, a journalist and PR specialist in Newtown, PA, has written a series of memoirs about the women in her family and their passionate interests. Shopping for Love, about shopping trips in Philadelphia and NYC, begins with a trip with her grandmother Madee for a consecration dress when Rachel is five years old. Rachel inherited the shopping gene from Madee, Aunt Jo and her mother.

They shopped for many years and many reasons, just because, to be together, to find the perfect dress for some occasion or for fun. Then, when Rachel is in her early 20s, her mother is diagnosed with cancer. A spirited woman driven by a love of family, Rachel’s mother lives a full and happy life for another six years and the shopping continues, through Rachel's grad school years in Michigan, her life in NYC at a dream job with Time-Life magazines and, when she becomes engaged, for a wedding dress at Vera Wang. Later, when Rachel and her husband buy a home outside of Philadelphia to be near her parents, shopping for furniture and clothes for a new baby gives them hope for the future. 

     Follow-up books about Rachel’s other adventures with family and friends are in the works.

     See Rachel's appearance on NBC10! Philadelphia at this link.

Who's Going to Watch My Kids? (Turning Stone Press, 2015) is a lively account of Rachel's experience with nannies and the true stories of 15 other working moms in finding, keeping and saying goodbye to their nannies. Listen to Rachel's appearance on the Marilu Henner show June 15, 2105 here (cue to 13:20 to 23:10 and, after a commercial break, 28:10 to 37:06).